Pro Modeling Tip - How Photography Can Boost Your Career.

Updated: Aug 24

Imagine you are training a new employee at a busy coffee shop. Turns out they already know how to use the espresso machine from previous experience. Well, now that the hard part is out of the way, you both can move on to more essential duties. Now, imagine that you are a photographer. Before you even open your mouth to instruct your model, they're already adjusting their poses to your camera position, all while working in a way that favors your lighting setup. Wow, less work and time spent on instructing, and now more time to focus on the shoot. Let's go!

Learn Photography Basics

When a photographer tells you at your next shoot that they will shoot with a low shutter speed, will you know that you should keep your movement as minimal as possible to avoid blur?

Knowing how to work under that specific camera setting to achieve the desired result without spending too much time under the photographer's instruction is the difference between a good model and a great one. When you are more aware of lighting setup, flash, and professional camera settings, you can focus on the reason behind the shoot.

On top of knowing how to work in a way that favors photography, pair that up with learning how to move based on what clothes you are wearing, what setting you are in, and the mood of the shoot. You will then have a huge advantage that will leave your clients coming back and gladly referring you for future projects with other creators.