28 April, 2021

Metsatöll: We have crazy fans all over the world

"From listener to collaboration.

Victoria Rose from Maryland , USA, attended their concert in Northern Virginia eight years ago and was immediately fascinated by the band's energy. According to the woman, Metsatöll's stage status and songwriting style is what fascinates her. Lyrics in a foreign language do not affect it."

3 Feb, 2021

Freehand Tattooing: Interview with Victoria Rose and Photon_Ink

"Today we’re speaking with Victoria Rose and with Lucille (Photon_ink). Together, they gave life to a freehand tattooing project that took place this January in Berlin."

1 April, 2021

An Intense, Erotic Sensory Journey on XConfessions: Elemental

"A touch, a breath, a moan – prepare to feel each and every sound & movement in the latest XConfessions release, Elemental. This experimental indie adult short film, by returning director Julia Patey, will take you on an intense erotic journey of the senses." 

5 Dec, 2018

Rammstein frontman stuns Moscow crowds with BDSM gimp escort (VIDEO)

"German band Rammstein are known for outrageous stunts and a proclivity for exploring sexuality. So attendees at frontman Till Lindemann’s book signing needn’t have been surprised when he arrived with a woman in a full gimp suit."